Friday, February 17, 2006

Wilson Appointed as Ambassador – Where’s Emerson??

PM Harper has appointed Michael Wilson as ambassador to the US. Mr. Wilson has great experience in dealing with the USA as he was the key player in getting the Free Trade deal done in the early 90s. Mr. Wilson, surprisingly, has the support of all the parties with both the NDP and the Liberals publicly stating Mr. Wilson is a good appointment. In fact, it appears all media outlets are also claiming Mr. Wilson will be good for Canada – US relations.

As I reviewed the TV media & printed media on this topic, an interesting point jumped out – Where is Emerson? Everyone is talking about the fact that softwood lumber will be the top priority for Mr. Wilson. I have yet to see one person talking about how the Emerson & Wilson team will be a great team in Washington. Not one media outlet that I have seen or any one Conservative spokesperson even raised Emerson’s name.

The reason this is interesting is because we have been told for 2 weeks that Emerson was the be-all-and-end-all to the software lumber problem. We have been told that Emerson is singularly the greatest person to get this deal done. Now we hear that Mr. Wilson, by all political parties and all media outlets, is the best person to get a softwood lumber deal.

Other than winning over a Liberal MP – tell me again why Emerson is so important to Canada that PM Harper felt it necessary to act just like the Liberals and bribe Emerson with a Cabinet position?

New ambassador sets softwood as top priority

Wilson wants to fix-up U.S. ties


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