Friday, February 10, 2006

PM Harper is making Garth Turner a Martyr

Link to Turner’s Site

PM Harper is continuing to apply pressure to MP Garth Turner for opposing the Turncoat Emerson. This pressure according to Mr. Turner has been done via other Conservative MPs as well as a direct meeting with PM Harper.

Since Mr. Turner has clearly stated his principled position on this matter, PM Harper’s continued effort to silence him will not go over well. Mr. Turner is receiving a lot of support on this issue both in his riding and by Conservatives around the country.

Considering that Mr. Turner’s position has a great deal of support does it make any sense to turn Garth into a Martyr?

The stated point of this blog is to Remove Emerson – not to harm the party or PM Harper. Any harm so far has come as a direct result of PM Harper’s actions that he should have known were directly against many Conservative MPs. Further harm will come because PM Harper has not corrected the problem and now is attempting to turn Conservative MPs into ‘Liberal backbencher Yes’ men.

If anyone has PM Harper’s ear then please inform him that there are no winners in Martyring Garth Turner.


At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Dave Balderstone said...

Harper is, unfortunately, leading me to believe that the Emperor has no clothes. Even before taking office, he has adopted the behaviour of Martin, Chretien, Turner and Trudeau. He looks to me like someone overdosed on power and seriously impaired by the OD.

I'm disgusted, especially after voting Conservative in the last two elections hoping to topple the Libs. I had hoped Harper would achieve at least Dief did (majority following minority) before going insane. Instead, I now wonder whether he'll even last as long as Joe did.


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