Friday, February 17, 2006

Kim Campbell listens to Vancouver radio in Spain

A few days ago Kim Campbell called up a Vancouver radio station while she was in Spain to publically support Emerson. Of course, we are all supposed to believe that no one within the Conservative party contacted Campbell to get her to stage a support call to the radio station. It must be a common practice of Campbell to listen to Vancouver radio while travelling around the world.

Of course, if the Conservative party arranged to have Campbell phone in to the radio station then it wouldn’t be hard to believe that the party also arranged to have party supporters call in as well. This would allow the public to see that there was more wide spread support for Emerson.

Now that Kim Campbell has publically supported Emerson, I think that the Conservative grassroots can feel quite a bit better with Emerson being bribed to join the Conservative Party. Let's just record Campbell’s quality judgement in the past.

1) Failed to complete post-secondary education.
2) Failed at marriage.
3) Failed to be elected as a Prime Minister.
4) Helped cause the destruction of the PC Party – going from a majority to 2 seats.
5) Believes an election is not the time to talk about serious topics.

Maybe the Conservative Party could find at least someone with some sort of wisdom to support Emerson. After 2 weeks the silence is itself an important point to note.


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