Monday, February 06, 2006

Emerson vs Belinda

Belinda in 2004 recieved 21,818 votes while the Liberals got 21,129 - I could argue that she would have won as a Liberal in the same riding.
In fact she got 27,176 in this past election compared to 22,376 for the Conservatives.

Whereas David Emerson got 20,062 in the past election compared to 8,679 for the Conservative and the NDP got 15,470. It would be hard to argue that Mr. Emerson could have won as a Conservative in this riding, which of course, he knew.

82% of the people in Mr. Emerson's riding voted against the Conservatives - but suddenly he claims they will be better served by him being Conservative. Once again we see how Liberal arrogance believes it knows better than thousands of voters. After all Mr. Emerson is now entitled to his entitlements - now being Conservative entitlements.

For Harper to agree and even encourage Mr. Emerson to disregard 35,000+ voters because it helps the Conservative party is outrageous.


At 6:36 PM, Blogger Sean J. said...

Personally, I don't think the uproar and war cries for Emerson's head are doing anything beneficial for the party.

What does dragging up bills Emerson voted against show ?

He voted the way his party told him to vote. That's just how it works and your kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

As for the statistics in the "Emerson Vs. Belinda" post...

There are alternative inerpretations of those results. If Emerson was elected on his own popularity than you would see those kind of numbers. You can't assume people were voting "against the Conservatives" if they were simply voting for Emerson, regardless of party.

Although it's a risk, I think going back to the electorate and letting them decide if Emerson stays is a good idea.

I don't; however, think that this is a time to start bashing the PM and demanding Emerson gone.

There are larger forces at play and much to consider, the least of which is the upcoming Olympics.

Let the people decide if Emerson should stay and let Harper do what he thinks is best for Canada. That is why we elected him, no ?

I'm not saying it's wrong to disagree, but I think a petition to remove Emerson as soon as he's appointed is a little too much too fast.

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Gary McHale said...

1st - Emerson voting record tells us a lot - in my riding my local Liberal MP voted with the Conservatives in each one of these bill - against his parties orders. At least what it shows is that Mr. Emerson is 'Yes' man who does what he is told - regardless of the views of the people in his riding.

2nd - Conservatives have not won this riding since 1956 - hard to believe it would suddenly change.

3rd - The Liberal clearly ran an election against Harper, his values and his view of Canada - I would think the people in the riding heard the message and made a choice.

Finally if Emerson could win (like Belinda after switching sides) in his riding as a Conservative then call a by-election.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Miles Lunn said...

I agree with Gary Mchale - Emerson wouldn't have a living hell and hope of winning in his riding if he ran as a Conservative. In fact if anything his defection has probably just handed this riding to the NDP in the next election. However, I suspect he will run in a neighbouring riding like Richmond, North Vancouver, or West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country where the Conservatives can win. Good to see at least a few Tories with principles, even though I am a Liberal.

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Vincent Riccio said...

I, for one, believe the Conservative government needs to watch their campaign footage... I believe they campaigned against such moves.

At 8:47 PM, Blogger screid said...

Gary is dead right with this post.

Grassroots conservatives must cry foul on this long and hard. Those principles of integrity and accountability that Mr. Harper won his election on were born out of the vision and determination of individual conservative across the country. Now that we finally have a mandate, it would be a travesty to sweep that vision under the rug for the sake of political opportunism.

If we let this pass, our party is no better than the others. That is unacceptable to me.

At 1:05 AM, Blogger Red Tory said...

Check this out.
It's the response from the Liberal riding president to Emerson's defection.

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous tobiusladus said...

I am a constituent of David Emerson's (his constituency office is a block from my home) and I want a byelection. Many people might have voted for him as a person but not enough for him to win again in a byelection. As well, in such a 'lefty' riding filled with immigrants (over half of people are asian), there is no way in hell we would want a Conservative representative. So I would surmise that the Conservative label will overwhelm his own popularity and he will lose.

I hope he loses his seat but I honestly don't think anything will happen. Emerson himself has to resign since there's no way anyone but Harper can tell him to.

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous grantson said...

When the new PM looked at his caucus and saw a lot of people with zero talent he felt he had no choice but to bribe the Right Dispicable David Emerson

At 2:18 AM, Anonymous F. Rottles said...

What does the Conservative riding association in Vancouver-Kingsway have to say about this? Their candidate, Wong, got about 20% of the vote. Would he, and they, support Emerson in a by-election or is it too soon to say what would happen in nominations?

I agree that he might be more inclined to run in a safer CPC riding, but that kinda neutralizes his VanCity credentials, right?


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