Thursday, February 09, 2006

13,500+ signatures on Petition to Recall Emerson

Take the time to sign the petition to recall Emerson:

Emerson Petition


At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a grip.
And the whining from the left begins.

At 6:46 PM, Blogger Gary McHale said...

Hey anonymous - sorry you feel it is important to hide your name but...

you clearly have not reviewed this site - both my wife and I worked hard for several different Conservatives ridings.

At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whining from the left?

How about whining from the constituents? I am one. I've lived for 25 years in Vancouver-kingsway. We voted 80% against the CPC.

If the Conservatives truly do embody the 'roots of reform' - the principles of basic democracy that another lower mainland MP, Chuck Cadman, demonstrated so well, then they would never have done this. Harper's spin job during the election about a more accountable government is nothing more than bollocks. Who wants to bet that he'll even run Emmerson in the V-K riding next election? Not me - he'll likely parachute him into some safe seat in the suburbs, rather than let the electorate in east vancouver eviscerate him.

Looks like we're back to sleazy politics as usual.


At 10:38 PM, Blogger Rob said...

I agree that what Belinda Stronach did was wrong when she crossed the floor. The fact that she received a cabinet position right away is further proof that this was a mostly, if not purely, opportunistic move. She should have dropped out to become independent and then run as a Liberal if she really wanted to do it right.

But AT LEAST one can make the case or speculate that she did this as a matter of conscience. There is no chance of arguing this in the case of David Emerson. Just two weeks prior to his appointment in the cabinet he was campaigning saying how a Conservative government would make Canada an "every man for himself" society in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, etc. It seems these were just empty words.

It's just unacceptable, and clearly pure selfishness. I don't doubt that a politician can over time change his views. Of course that's allowed, and in many cases, even hoped for. But come on, this is really ridiculous, and unashamedly unethical.

At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out this new web site on recalling david emerson.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous CuriositykilledTheCat said...

Ethics, Emerson and Harper’s Principles – a Question.

Mr. Harper, you are on record on many occasions as having castigated the Liberals because they were corrupt, morally bankrupt and ethically challenged. You also vowed to restore ethical principles to Parliament, should your party be elected.

Then you appointed David Emerson to your Cabinet. Some news reports indicate that discussions between senior Conservative party leaders and Emerson about switching parties began soon after his election as a Liberal.

Do you believe that you or the senior leaders of your party who initiated those discussions, breached any laws in doing so?

From Friday February 9 Globe & Mail article:

“In Vancouver, Ian Waddell, the NDP candidate who was narrowly defeated by Mr. Emerson, held a news conference to call on the Ethics Commissioner to investigate whether Mr. Harper is in breach of ethics rules for offering a cabinet post for switching parties. Mr. Waddell points to a line in Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro's ruling dealing with the allegations that former health minister Ujjal Dosanjh urged then-Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal to cross the floor. "If Mr. Dosanjh had offered a reward or inducement to Mr. Grewal for crossing the floor at this time, he would have been acting and/or attempting to act in such a way as to improperly further Mr. Grewal's private interests. Either of these would amount to an extremely serious breach of the Members' Code [of Conduct]," wrote Mr. Shapiro.”

Mr. Harper, would you – consistent with your principles outlined during the election – appoint an independent commission of enquiry into the background of the discussions held with Mr. Emerson, so that voters can be assured by the findings of the commission that there has not been any unlawful action on the part of your senior party officials?

At 9:44 AM, Anonymous David Campbell said...

I just saw this article that quotes Peter Mackay
"What David Emerson did, I would suggest, is different, in the sense that he has done this early after the election in hopes of continuing the important work that he was doing inside a government which he was obviously very disillusioned with," Mr. MacKay said.
Mr. Emerson If you were disillusioned why run as a liberal -obviously to be elected I guess. If you were disilluisioned you should have run as an independent or a Conservative.

Let the people of Vancouver Kingsway Have their vote and exercise their democratic rights.
The full story is available at

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Jay Menard said...

I would encourage you to help cure the disease, as well as the symptoms. Please sign my petition at This petition requests that the House create legislation that would force any elected representative who changes party affiliation to run in a by-election to allow the constituents the right to express their feelings.

As a resident in Pat O'Brien's riding, this was an issue I attempted to tackle back in the summer. Please support my efforts this time around. For more details visit



At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Hydroqueen said...

News Release

One Citizen against Hypocrisy

Harper Recall Essential for Democracy

For immediate release, St. John’s NL-February 10-06

Sometimes in our democracy it is essential that the common citizen get their say. This is one such time! Despite the fact that news is traditionally focused on government, business, and matters of public policy it is important that a single citizen may express their views to other Canadians. In the past, this has been done by public rallies, or appearances on open-line programs, and letters to the editor; this should continue. This time I ask, as a citizen, to be heard in the form of “News”.

On January 23-06, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives were elected to federal office in the form of a minority. This election was precipitated primarily by opposition parties who stated that the Liberal administration was corrupt and unfit to govern. “As a Canadian I was force-fed ethics by Stephen Harper who convinced me and millions of others that our democracy had to be saved by ‘a new code of conduct’, in federal politics”, says Newfoundland and Labrador voter, Sue Kelland-Dyer.

Campaign promises of an elected Senate and restructuring grass-roots politics to represent the people of a riding were predominant in Harper’s platform. This on the heels of the Gomery Inquiry, expected to top the 70 million dollar cost, into the “ad scam”. Harper further reiterated the distaste of appointing unelected people to Cabinet just weeks before the new Prime Minister tried it out himself in the naming of Michael Fortier, Public Works Minister. Kelland-Dyer says, “this is a breach beyond belief and it has cost me and all other Canadians over 200 million to elect deceit.”

Harper is expected to have a breathing period as the disharmonized liberals, the shocked Bloq, and the newly minted NDP get their houses in order before the next writ. “This is unacceptable and Harper should be entitled to no reprieve, let’s cut our losses now and recall the Conservatives at the first chance in the House of Commons”, states Kelland-Dyer. She adds, “Canadians are not sick of elections, we are sick of broken promises and a complete lack respect from our elected politicians.”

Kelland-Dyer plans to contact Canadians in all provinces to establish a new “political ethics watch-group”, for Canadian citizens. “The big machine of any political party cannot be permitted to dictate to the citizens when they should or should not have another election. This belief that all things will blow over in time, has ended now”, suggests Kelland-Dyer.

The new group will be called RSVP, (Respect the Selections of the Voting Public), and will reflect the rights of Canadians to choose who they invite to serve them. “The dictatorial attitude of Harper who decided to serve-up his own brand of disrespect is a clear example of the ‘tail wagging the dog’, and he must realize it will not be tolerated”, concludes Kelland-Dyer.

Kelland-Dyer will be establishing a website for the new group and expects to have it up and running in the next couple of weeks. She currently has a blog entitled “Recall Harper”, at Kelland-Dyer who has participated in VOCM’s open line programs in Newfoundland and Labrador for 15 years, plans to expand her participation to include talk-radio programs in other Canadian provinces.


Contact information:
Sue Kelland-Dyer
Telephone: 709.753.2730


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