Friday, February 17, 2006

Wilson Appointed as Ambassador – Where’s Emerson??

PM Harper has appointed Michael Wilson as ambassador to the US. Mr. Wilson has great experience in dealing with the USA as he was the key player in getting the Free Trade deal done in the early 90s. Mr. Wilson, surprisingly, has the support of all the parties with both the NDP and the Liberals publicly stating Mr. Wilson is a good appointment. In fact, it appears all media outlets are also claiming Mr. Wilson will be good for Canada – US relations.

As I reviewed the TV media & printed media on this topic, an interesting point jumped out – Where is Emerson? Everyone is talking about the fact that softwood lumber will be the top priority for Mr. Wilson. I have yet to see one person talking about how the Emerson & Wilson team will be a great team in Washington. Not one media outlet that I have seen or any one Conservative spokesperson even raised Emerson’s name.

The reason this is interesting is because we have been told for 2 weeks that Emerson was the be-all-and-end-all to the software lumber problem. We have been told that Emerson is singularly the greatest person to get this deal done. Now we hear that Mr. Wilson, by all political parties and all media outlets, is the best person to get a softwood lumber deal.

Other than winning over a Liberal MP – tell me again why Emerson is so important to Canada that PM Harper felt it necessary to act just like the Liberals and bribe Emerson with a Cabinet position?

New ambassador sets softwood as top priority

Wilson wants to fix-up U.S. ties

Kim Campbell listens to Vancouver radio in Spain

A few days ago Kim Campbell called up a Vancouver radio station while she was in Spain to publically support Emerson. Of course, we are all supposed to believe that no one within the Conservative party contacted Campbell to get her to stage a support call to the radio station. It must be a common practice of Campbell to listen to Vancouver radio while travelling around the world.

Of course, if the Conservative party arranged to have Campbell phone in to the radio station then it wouldn’t be hard to believe that the party also arranged to have party supporters call in as well. This would allow the public to see that there was more wide spread support for Emerson.

Now that Kim Campbell has publically supported Emerson, I think that the Conservative grassroots can feel quite a bit better with Emerson being bribed to join the Conservative Party. Let's just record Campbell’s quality judgement in the past.

1) Failed to complete post-secondary education.
2) Failed at marriage.
3) Failed to be elected as a Prime Minister.
4) Helped cause the destruction of the PC Party – going from a majority to 2 seats.
5) Believes an election is not the time to talk about serious topics.

Maybe the Conservative Party could find at least someone with some sort of wisdom to support Emerson. After 2 weeks the silence is itself an important point to note.

Friday, February 10, 2006

PM Harper is making Garth Turner a Martyr

Link to Turner’s Site

PM Harper is continuing to apply pressure to MP Garth Turner for opposing the Turncoat Emerson. This pressure according to Mr. Turner has been done via other Conservative MPs as well as a direct meeting with PM Harper.

Since Mr. Turner has clearly stated his principled position on this matter, PM Harper’s continued effort to silence him will not go over well. Mr. Turner is receiving a lot of support on this issue both in his riding and by Conservatives around the country.

Considering that Mr. Turner’s position has a great deal of support does it make any sense to turn Garth into a Martyr?

The stated point of this blog is to Remove Emerson – not to harm the party or PM Harper. Any harm so far has come as a direct result of PM Harper’s actions that he should have known were directly against many Conservative MPs. Further harm will come because PM Harper has not corrected the problem and now is attempting to turn Conservative MPs into ‘Liberal backbencher Yes’ men.

If anyone has PM Harper’s ear then please inform him that there are no winners in Martyring Garth Turner.

Harper reject MPs acting based on their Conscience

Harper during the election repeatedly talked about MPs being allowed to speak and vote their Conscience. Suddenly, now Harper takes steps against MP Garth Turner expressing (for over a year) his view that floor crossing is wrong. Link to Turner Site

Turner states,"This one MP came face-to-face with the party machine in a series of unhappy meetings including one tonight with the prime minister. I think it is now safe to say my career options within the Conservative caucus are seriously limited."

*** including one tonight with the Prime Minister ****

He continued to say, "Going from door to door turns a politician into a democrat. At least, it did for me. By the time I got to Parliament Hill, I was infused with the spirit of a new era in government, sated on the belief we would see freedom reign in the Chamber and that the days of subjugation of MPs by the prime minster’s office were numbered. I had swallowed with gusto promises of more free votes, more powerful committees of free-thinking MPs, more listening to the voters, and an elected and responsible Senate."

Conclusions: If you act without moral principals, purely to gain power in Cabinet (as Emerson as stated) it is okay for Harper to embrace you but if a Conservative MP acts based on his Conscience then you at in deep trouble.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

13,500+ signatures on Petition to Recall Emerson

Take the time to sign the petition to recall Emerson:

Emerson Petition

Emerson could not vote for a Conservative Bill even when the Liberals order him to do so

According to How'd they Vote website Emerson voted against Liberal party instructions to support Conservative Bill C-248:

After reviewing his voting record -found here - He never voted against his own party but voted against his party's instruction to suppor Bill C-248 (Conservative bill) - An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (trafficking in a controlled drug or substance within five hundred metres of an elementary school or a high school)

Therefore, Emerson could not even vote for a Conservative bill when his party order him to do so - 59 Liberals , all of the Bloc & NDP & Independents supported this bill but not Emerson

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Emerson wasn't known to people in his riding

According to a poll report by the National Post done in October 2005 Emerson could not have won without the Liberal brand name.

Only 25% of the people in the riding could identify Emerson.
90% couldn't name a single accomplishment He had since being elected in the riding.
He had only a 34% approval rating while 53% said they would vote Liberal.

The riding has only once voted in a Conservative back in 1958.

This should end all the B.S. about how Emerson is so well liked by the people in the riding that he won based on his own appeal.

Less than 24 hrs before voters were betrayed.

Emerson has now state the timing of his betrayal to his riding. The next day after Martin annouced he was stepping down as leader - Harper had John Reynolds contact him.

Just to refresh you - Martin stepped down the night of the election - Therefore, Harper, within a few hours of the election - before reviewing his cabinet - decided to contact Emerson. Less than 24 hrs after the vote count - Harper had already contacted Emerson.

35,000+ people voted against Harper, but who cares what the voters think - we're in power now we can do what we want - this is Canada after all - no accountability until next election.

No way to recall Emerson - no way to stop this appointment - UNLESS...

The Conservative MPs are more than just 'Liberal backbencher Yes' men - are these spineless MPs? Do they represent their voters - AS THEY CLAIM - or represent Harper?

Is this a minor issue - Yes - but one Harper needs to learn now before something big happens.

We are Conservatives.

During the past election both my wife and I worked to help the Conservative Party to win. This, of course, doesn't mean we give up our rights to hold a Conservative Government accountable.

Below is a photo of my wife speaking with Mackay:

Click here to see our web page of MacKey photos we took to be used by Local Conservative to be used in their literature.

Below is a photo of Harper reaching to my wife to shake her hand.

Click here to See our web page of Harper Photos

Harper believes Liberal ways are best

Mr. Harper had two options this week to ensure that the Conservative party could win a majority in the next election.

1) Follow in the foot steps of the Liberal party – appoint friends to Senate, bribe other party members with pay raises and power. The brain trust around Harper saw that people in ridings don't vote for your policies but to get local power. Thus appoint someone from Montreal and Vancouver to gain votes in next election.

2) Harper could have decided that people will be impressed when they see him bring in real policies that help them. Forget the political games – live up to your promises and people will respect that. People will vote because they realize that the new Government is not scary, is accountable and functions differently than the Liberal party.

The brain trust around Harper, including Harper, decided Liberal political games are the way to win votes – not policies.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Media Coverage

Vancouver Liberals want Emerson to repay $97,000

'Didn't want to run' in election, Fortier says(126)

Tories grumbling over cabinet

Tories give Emerson, Fortier lukewarm welcome


This is a !!&?@? change?

EDITORIAL: Grit, Tory, the same old story

PM picks pork over principle

Perception undermines good intentions

Turncoat minister defends new job

Shock and awe, Tory style

A shiny new Cabinet, with two scuff marks

Harper forgets why he won

The Blogosphere. Democracy’s Rapid Reaction Force

Conservate Bill C-408 to stop floor Crossing

Mr. Joe Preston (Elgin—Middlesex—London, Conservative Party) moved that Bill C-408 - 2nd Reading Nov. 2, 2005, An Act to amend the Parliament of Canada Act (change of political affiliation), be read the second time and referred to a committee.

He said: Mr. Speaker, during this Parliament, we have seen need for legislation such Bill C-408.
The people of Elgin--Middlesex--London chose me as their representative here in Ottawa. It is a duty that none of us take lightly. The choosing of MPs can include many decisions, most important, the people themselves, their moral character, work ethic, past behaviour and the ability to problem solve. We are now shown that in the world of instant media of 30-second sound bytes, of CNN and other news channels, we are not judged as strongly or as closely as individuals in our ridings, as we may have once been. We are now chosen for our party affiliation, at least partly for that.

We could dispute whether it is good or bad that we are now chosen as members of a party rather than as individuals for the role of MP. However, I do not believe it is inaccurate that this is now happening.

The policies of a party or its leader now have a great deal of weight on the elector's decision. It is not only a choice made about the party today, but most likely an historic decision about the decision making process. What has this party done in the past? What are the current practices? What is the potential future behaviour of that party?

I came to this place with the true altruistic motives of continuing to help the voters of Elgin--Middlesex--London, to work hard to represent the interests of the riding. I also have discovered the need to help the government bring back this proud tradition to the House.
The beast of democratic deficit must be slain. We must return to a time of responsibility, a time of personal, individual and political responsibility. It is time to stand and be counted. Members are either here to represent their constituents and their wishes or they are not. If this is true and members elected find they cannot remain in the political party that they arrived in the House representing, then they should stand up for the constituents, go back to the people and let them verify the decision members have made to leave.

I would like to read a bit from the bill. It simply asks that:
If a member of the House of Commons leaves the political party to which that member belonged when the member was elected to the House of Commons, that member shall sit in the House of Commons as an independent for a period of 35 days.

At the end of that, it states:
Once the period of 35 days has elapsed, the member’s election to the House of Commons shall become void, the seat of that member shall be vacated, and a writ shall be issued for the election of a member to fill the vacancy.

The bill proposes that a member should to take it back home to ask his or her constituents if the choice is the right choice. They elected that person as a member of a party and as an individual. When one of those two things no longer becomes valid, we believe it should be the choice of the voters to make the difference.

We speak highly of this House, the decisions we make and what we stand for. There are times when what one party stands for is drastically different than what another party stands for. It is easy to see that in these days of Gomery reports and other scandals that perhaps a member may not be as proud to represent the party, but his or her electorate sent that member here to do that.

Sit in at Emerson Office

Dave from Emerson riding is organizing a sit in at Emerson Office:

Dave States:

I've been sending the following around:
David Emerson has disenfranchised the people of Vancouver Kingsway, misled
his electorate, and should be recalled. His contituency address is
2148 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
V5N 2T5
Go there on Wednesday February 8th at 4pm to join others in demanding his
resignation, or just leave him a message: (604) 775-6263

C-251 - MP floor-crossing prohibition

In the last Parliament the following Conservatives voted to stop MPs from crossing the floor without a by-election. 14 other Conservatives were absent on the day of the vote including Harper. Have any of these people spoken out against Mr. Emerson crossing the floor? - or are they just apart of the hypocrisy?

Jim Abbott
Rona Ambrose
Rob Anders
David Anderson
James Bezan
Gord Brown
Rick Casson
John Cummins
Barry Devolin
Ken Epp
Diane Finley
Gurmant Grewal
Nina Grewal
Gary Goodyear
Helena Guergis
Richard Harris
Russ Hiebert
Jay Hill
Randy Kamp
Gerald Keddy
Daryl Kramp
James Lunney
Bev Oda
Rob Merrifield
Larry Miller
Bob Mills
Charlie Penson
Pierre Poilievre
Carol Skelton
Joy Smith
Maurice Vellacott
Brian Jean
Tom Lukiwski
Joe Preston
James Rajotte
Myron Thompson
David Tilson
Bradley Trost
Jeff Watson
Lynne Yelich

Emerson's riding president respond

Thanks to for the following letter

Monday, February 06, 2006

PR: Emerson's riding president responds February 6, 2006


Caprice Barbour, Founding President of the Vancouver-Kingsway Liberal Riding Association, responded to David Emerson’s abdication from the Liberal Party and his rebirth as a Conservative Minister with shock and disgust.

“This is exactly 2 weeks since the good people of Vancouver-Kingsway re-elected Emerson as Liberal MP knowing full well that the Conservatives were likely going to form government and electing a Liberal MP anyway. The Conservative candidate was a very distant third which indicates to me that the voters and taxpayers who pay Emerson’s salary did not want a Conservative representing them. This riding has elected only Liberals since its current inception in 1996. The people of Vancouver Kingsway voted for the party and not the man. In the entire history of the Riding (1952 to 1987 and then from 1996 to present day), there have been 16 elections and the one and only time that a conservative was elected was in 1958. We are not a conservative riding.

If Mr Emerson disagrees with me, I would ask him to do the honourable thing and resign his seat and seek re-election as a Conservative. I expect that the voters of Vancouver-Kingsway would show him the door. If Emerson has any ethics then he would be honest to the people that he promised to serve as a Liberal.

This doesn’t seem to be a case of a MP not agreeing with a party’s direction or philosophy; this seems to me to be blatant ambition. He spent money raised by Liberals to run as a Liberal candidate and he should refund the party. I am truly repulsed by Emerson’s actions today.

Given the Press Release issued this morning by Prime Minister Harper today on regaining the trust of Canadians, I find it difficult to understand why one of Mr. Harper’s first acts in Office is to accept the betrayal of the people of Vancouver Kingsway by appointing Mr. Emerson to cabinet

Monday, February 06, 2006

Emerson vs Belinda

Belinda in 2004 recieved 21,818 votes while the Liberals got 21,129 - I could argue that she would have won as a Liberal in the same riding.
In fact she got 27,176 in this past election compared to 22,376 for the Conservatives.

Whereas David Emerson got 20,062 in the past election compared to 8,679 for the Conservative and the NDP got 15,470. It would be hard to argue that Mr. Emerson could have won as a Conservative in this riding, which of course, he knew.

82% of the people in Mr. Emerson's riding voted against the Conservatives - but suddenly he claims they will be better served by him being Conservative. Once again we see how Liberal arrogance believes it knows better than thousands of voters. After all Mr. Emerson is now entitled to his entitlements - now being Conservative entitlements.

For Harper to agree and even encourage Mr. Emerson to disregard 35,000+ voters because it helps the Conservative party is outrageous.

Harper buy Conservative loyalty

On the same day Harper appoints Emerson to the cabinet he publicly states that the Conserative government will move quickly to give $1200 to parents - cheques in mail by July. It is clear that Harper hopes that conservative people will overlook this betrayal of expressed views of many Conservative MPs over the past year. Harper failed to talk about GST cuts or other important issues. So here is what is going to happen - In April we will have a new budget with GST cuts, $1200 to parents, end to gun registry and the hope is that Conservatives will be happy to overlook the Liberal style appointment to the Senate and bribing Liberal MPs to become Conservatives.

Peter MacKay in an interview tonight stated that Emerson received nothing in return for becoming a Conservative MP - he quickly added, except getting a cabinet position. I have a question for Mr. Mackey - Does this new cabinet position not include a pay increase (I believe about $80,000) and also increased power (something Belinda is loooking for)?

Over 5000 people have signed Petition to remove Emerson

Take the time to sign the petition to recall Emerson:

Emerson Petition

Emerson speaks against Conservatives

On Jan 23, 2005, Mr. Emerson stated in Parliament that he agreed with Buzz Hargrove stating, "We've already tried Harper's vision: cut taxes and wait for the jobs to come flowing in. It doesn't work". He also stated that auto worker's jobs and the future of their communities are at risk with a Harper victory.

On Nov. 22, 2005, Mr. Emerson stated in Parliamanet, "the hon. member should have the courage to stand in the House and tell his constituents that if the Conservatives were in government today, there would not be $5 billion of investments in the automotive industry in Ontario. Oshawa and the workers in Oshawa would be in serious trouble". He also stated, "She should explain to her constituents that the auto industry would collapse under a Conservative government"

On Emerson's election web site: he states that he got "$633 million for child care and early childhood development". Is this not the same program Harper has promised to get rid of and in return give parents $1200? What way will Emerson vote on the $1200 to parents?

Emerson Voted Against every Conservative Bill

The following are the bills of the last Parliament which the Conservatives brought forward - Emerson voted against every single one.

C-215 - Criminal Code (consecutive sentence for use of firearm in commission of offence)

C- 248 - Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (trafficking in a controlled drug or substance within five hundred metres of an elementary school or a high school)

C-313 - Criminal Code (prohibited sexual acts)

C-293 - Criminal Code (theft of a motor vehicle)

C-275 - Criminal Code (failure to stop at scene of accident)

C-259 - Excise Tax Act (elimination of excise tax on jewellery)

C-215 - Criminal Code (consecutive sentence for use of firearm in commission of offence)

C-265 - Income Tax Act (exemption from taxation of 50% of United States social security payments to Canadian residents)

C-283 - amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

Conservative Quotes

Please provide me with any links to Conservative MPs quotes, videos, text from when they were talking about Belinda crossing the floor.

Conservative Emails

Please add to this list the email address of any Conservative MPs and please take the time to email each one in protest against Emerson.

Hold Conservatives accountable - Remove Emerson

Could anyone tell me why Harper could be so stupid as to allow Emerson to cross the floor and to become part of the Cabinet.

If conservative people will not stand up against this then this conservative party will be no different than the Liberals in 5 years.